Do you offer customization?

Our 18th century period and inspired handcrafted designs are available in customizable sizes, details, and finishes, and may be scaled proportionately or tailored to meet your specific design needs. Custom items may also be ordered and made-on-demand. Please visit our Bespoke page for further information.

What is your lead time for custom-made products and delivery time for in-stock items?

THE FEDERALIST lighting, mirrors and furniture are one-of-a-kind statement pieces hand-crafted to your exact specifications. As such, our lead times vary depending on the custom-made piece that’s ordered. Please contact us directly if you need an exact lead time for a particular piece.

For collection items we may have on hand, the availability for delivery is within a few days.

Do you keep any items in-stock or does everything need to be specially-ordered?

All of our custom products are made-to-order only. And while we do keep a number of lighting, mirrors and furniture pieces available for display, most require special ordering due to the hand-made nature of our products.  Please contact us for a list of those display items we do have readily available.

Can your lanterns be made for gas versus electric?

Yes, many of our FEDERALIST exterior lighting fixtures can be made as gas burning lanterns. THE FEDERALIST will supply the lantern shell only. The lantern comes equipped with a 3/8" hole in the bottom or the back. However, due to state and local installation laws, we recommend that you consult with a professional installer when installing the gas lantern. The installer is responsible for selecting the mantle, gas piping and fittings, and for making sure the gas installation is according to local codes. 

Do I have to order the four-post bed in its entirety or may I order the headboard assembly separately?

A headboard assembly can be ordered for any bed, either standard or custom. It consists of two posts, a headboard, a rail, and appropriate finials, if requested.

Do all your hung lighting products include a canopy and a chain?

A matching canopy and chain are supplied with all of our hanging lighting products. Additional hardware may sometimes be required for installation and is usually supplied by the customer’s electrician. All hanging light fixtures come with 3 feet of wire and chain. Additional wire and chain can be provided, upon request, at an additional charge.

What is the product care for brass fixtures?

Brass is an extremely durable material.  We do not lacquer the majority of our brass finishes.  Our finishes are living and breathing and will slightly patina over time to give it the charm and character indicative of the period and the craftsman's aging process. If lacquering is required, please advise us at time of ordering.  Regular dusting should be sufficient to keep the fixtures clean.  Excessive handling should be avoided as the oils and acid on fingertips can leave a residue on the surface.

Is there a choice of fabrics for upholstered products?

All upholstered products come upholstered in muslin, unless otherwise noted. We don’t sell fabrics, but can upholster any FEDERALIST item using the customer’s own material for an additional charge.



Where do you ship to and how are products shipped?

For shipments within the United States, shipping is done via UPS, FedEx, or a third-party shipping company, depending upon the size of the item being shipped. 

For overseas shipping, we require the client to select and coordinate directly with a third-party shipper or freight forwarder.  The Federalist will provide dimensions and weight information.

What is the cost of shipping and handling?

Shipping and handling is an additional charge for all of our FEDERALIST lighting, mirrors and furniture, FOB Stamford, CT. The specific charge is determined by and will vary based on the actual product, destination, and method of shipment.

What do measurements supplied actually refer to?

The measurement of any product is taken from its most extreme outer points. For example, if a measurement refers to the height of a lantern, the height is measured from the top of the top loop to the very bottom of the lantern, including any decorative features at the bottom. All dimensions are approximate and the dimensions of the actual product may vary slightly due to the hand-made nature of our lighting, mirrors and furniture.




What form of payment do you accept?

Please refer to our PAYMENT page for our payment policy and terms & conditions.

Where can I see your products in my area?

THE FEDERALIST online website is quite extensive and is the go to place to view the full array of our collection.  We work with clients nationally, without a showroom and in many cases, we may have on-hand a sample item which we can send out for your review of our quality materials and hand-craftsmanship. Please contact us for details.

Do your exterior lighting fixtures withstand wet conditions?

All of our FEDERALIST exterior lighting products can be used in wet conditions. In addition to inland homes, our lighting fixtures have been a favorite of many homeowners living on or very close to rivers, oceans, and lakes.  

Are products priced individually or by the pair?

All products are priced individually, unless otherwise noted.