Federal Style Reproduction Bespoke Lighting, Furniture and Mirrors

Over 25 years ago, The Federalist unveiled its unique collection of handcrafted lighting, furniture and mirrors.  Each magnificent piece is individually made and exquisitely handcrafted from start to finish, by master artisans committed to preserving the time-honored techniques of the period.

The Federalist makes an extraordinary wide range of products, of which can be tailored in many ways, such as scale, detail and finish options.  With a collection of over 2,000 designs, we continue to find inspiration in creating one-of-a kind statement pieces bearing our hallmark of quality hand-craftsmanship.

Customers may also require a much greater degree of customization, and in many cases the creation of a special one-off design they envision.  Since every project has particular requirements and because of the true handmade nature of our products, we are able to fulfill these needs.  Working closely with our clients and design professionals, each request is studied for its viability, cost and time involved.   We look to help customers realize their vision. While most people consider customization a luxury, we consider it a necessity.