Delicate and demure, stylish and sophisticated, The Federalist’s extensive offerings of porcelain lamps encompasses everything beautiful about the federal design era, from lamp shade to lamp base. Inspired by the neoclassical designs of the 18th century and dedicated to the historical recreation of such work, The Federalist’s porcelain table lamps portray authentic patriotic design by incorporating hand-made details, skilled workmanship, and quality materials into every single piece. One of our personal favorites, the blue and white porcelain lamps, are in and of themselves luminous, with intricate swirled designs and detailing configuring. Likewise, the solid incarnations of the porcelain lamps are designed to fit in with a myriad of interior design schemes, portraying that a touch of Federal design can be included into many different situations. With a range of lampshade styles, designs, and sizes, our porcelain table lamps are accurate recreations that also have a unique flair all their own, and will be a loving addition to any tabletop, counter top, or side table within your home.