Federal style Mirrors and Antique Reproduction Mirrors

Antique Federal Style Reproduction Convex and Flat Mirrors


Mirrors can add pizzazz, character, warmth and light into any space instantly, and with The Federalist’s antique reproduction mirrors, they can do so with the elegance and refinement of federal style design. Whether hanging on the wall to reflect light from the window, or taking the center stage in a living or sitting room, our federal style mirrors come with all the intricate details of the period, from high-polished finishes, pictorial figurines, convex round mirrors or flat mirrors, to pieces with oil paintings and more. Creating texture and improving the light throughout your rooms, our federalist mirrors are truly state-of-the-art creations, made with the highest quality materials by the hands of skilled, classically trained artisans and craftsmen. Choose between tri-mirror set-ups, elegant framing options, patriotic ornamentation and a multitude of shapes in our reproduction mirror collections. The Federalist mirrors brings the best of the era into your space with designs that are not only the right fit, but also the right style. While modern trends can be fleeting, our antique reproduction mirrors evoke timelessness through the unique American national design identity that shapes every piece of federal style mirrors we make.