Hepplewhite Reproduction Furniture

Find high-quality Hepplewhite furniture at the Federalist. Hepplewhite furniture dates from about 1780-1810 and is a neoclassic style that falls within the Federal period in the United States. Antique Hepplewhite furniture is known for its graceful, delicate appearance and is usually found with beautiful embellishments like small carvings and painted designs. Common decorative motifs include feathers, classical urns, trees, and curling ribbons. You’ll find that antique Hepplewhite furniture has beautiful straight legs on tables and chairs, unlike the popular cabriole legs of earlier styles like Queen Anne and Chippendale. Many were designed to imitate the classical columns of Greek and Roman architecture. The Federalist crafts beautiful Hepplewhite reproduction furniture such as chests, desks, bookcases, and Hepplewhite style chairs. These timeless pieces easily fit with any other décor pieces. In fact, you’ll find that Hepplewhite furniture has influenced modern day furniture styles and can easily be blended into many décor styles ranging from very traditional to more modern.