Federal Style Furniture

Antique reproduction furniture from The Federalist is designed with a handsome, luxurious elegance that evokes the late 18th and 19th-century design in a way that no other federal style furniture company can replicate. Our pieces are characterized by inspired design elements and intricate inlays that are reminiscent of the period. With high-quality materials and classically trained artisans behind each reproduction furniture piece, our federalist furniture will tell the story of your space in a way that honors the early American historical influences that mark the distinct and high-style design. With reproduction beds, from ready-made designs to custom editions, federalist style dining tables, seating, reproduction desk and secretaries, sideboards, reproduction chest and cabinets, and occasional pieces - our federal period furniture can be built into the style of each room in your space. Modern design trends come and go, but federal style furniture has a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. With a personally-inspected piece of the finest craftsmanship from The Federalist, each piece from our curated collections is primed to become a cherished modern heirloom to pass through generations. From bedrooms to studies, a federal furniture piece, or pieces, is sure to make an ageless, sophisticated impression.