Formal Chandeliers

Formal Chandeliers

Formal Antique Chandeliers

A staple of traditional and modern elegance, formal chandeliers have the ability to capture the attention of a room effortlessly. With the formal chandelier collection from The Federalist, all of the attention will be well deserved with our heritage-inspired designs handcrafted from classic techniques.

Our formal chandeliers come in a range of period-centric designs including Chippendale, Federal, Adams, Pagoda, and Chinoiserie and feature many different styles, compositions, and material options. You also have the option to include elements of pineapples, globes, crowns, flowers, leaves, wheat, tassels, and more, that make these 18th-century formal chandelier recreations true treasures.


Why Choose a Formal Chandelier

Like jewelry, a formal chandelier is a beautiful accent that can elevate any look or space! Think outside of the formal dining room when it comes to styling your formal chandelier and into other areas of your home like your bedroom or foyer. A formal chandelier can bring a feeling of elegance and sophistication into any living area in your home.


The Federalist has a Formal Antique Chandelier for Every Style

The Federalist has a variety of formal antique chandeliers that fit every style. Our range of period-centric designs include Chippendale, Federal, Adams, Pagoda, and Chinoiserie. 

Depending on your choice of style, a formal chandelier can add gravitas, luxury, elegance, flair, or comfort to any room. Crystal chandeliers are perfect for formal living areas as they disperse light beautifully across walls. They add drama and richness to any formal setting including dining rooms, bedrooms, and foyers. Candle style chandeliers mimic old world candles that were once used to illuminate opulent ballrooms, making them a perfect choice for dining rooms, while the drum chandelier is simple and elegant and can be used in an office, bathroom, bedroom -- just about anywhere in your home!


Formal Chandelier by Design & Finish

With our wide range of formal chandeliers, you’ll have so many designs & finishes to choose from. Brass and bronze chandeliers complement warm toned decor, while silver tones pair perfectly with cool toned gray, greige, and blue walls! If you find a formal antique chandelier you like, chances are good that it is available in a variety of finish options, including custom finishes.


How to Select the Best Formal Chandelier for your Decor

Selecting the best formal chandelier for your decor is important as you’ll want to make sure it complements other areas of your home. 

A chandelier should feel like an extension of the style of that particular room. When searching for a formal chandelier for any living space, think about the hues and materials that stand out in the room. Are warm woods or dark woods prevalent? Do you lean toward bright colors or neutral? What other finishes and metals are present in the room? If you are starting with a blank slate, consider designing the room around your dream formal antique chandelier! These are things to consider when selecting the best formal chandelier for your decor.


Other Considerations Similar to Formal Antique Chandelier

If you are picking out a formal antique chandelier and designing your room, you may want to consider complementing your chandelier with another federal-inspired piece. Pair one of our formal dining tables with a brass chippendale style chandelier or complement your formal chandelier with a federal style mirror. You may want to pair your formal chandelier with some beautiful federal-inspired sconces, too. Check out our federal-style furniture to shop our luxurious 18th and 19th-century designs!