Duncan Phyfe Reproduction Furniture

The Federalist crafts beautiful Duncan Phyfe reproduction furniture, which is classified by clean lines and a classic look and feel. Duncan Phyfe was one of nineteenth century America’s leading cabinetmakers. Although he did not create any new furniture style, he interpreted popular European trends in a manner that allowed him to become a major spokesman for Neoclassicism in the United States. Duncan Phyfe style furniture exhibits wonderful proportions, symmetry, and clean lines. These Duncan Phyfe reproduction furniture pieces are decorated with typical period ornaments such as harps, lyres, bow knots, and lion accents. Duncan Phyfe reproduction pieces are usually distinguished by Phyfe’s hand carved legs. In fact, Phyfe mostly designed tables that stood on single or double pedestals of three to four carved legs ending in animal type feet. Duncan Phyfe reproduction tabletops contain solid wood with borders that extend down from the perimeter of the tabletop. Our Duncan Phyfe reproduction furniture is carved out of rich hard woods like walnut or mahogany and features only the highest quality materials. Duncan Phyfe style furniture can add sophistication and intricate detail to any room in your home.