Country Style Chandeliers

Country Style Chandeliers

Country Style Lighting Chandeliers

Transforming the look of a traditional chandelier, The Federalist’s country style chandeliers combine the best of rustic, warm design elements with traditional 18th century details for a collection that is both cozy and inviting. With fine construction elements, hand made by classically-trained craftsmen, our country style chandelier collection includes pieces crafted of tin metal, pewter, brass, and wood, with familiar style elements such as tiered arms and distressed and aged finishes. As comfortable over a dining room table as it is illuminating a back porch patio, The Federalist’s range of country style chandeliers are the perfect addition to any historically-inspired space.


Why Choose a Country Style Chandelier

A country style chandelier can be a beautiful focal point or complement any rustic living space in your home. The country style chandelier features a dramatic design and adds a wow-factor to the overall look and feel of the room. Country style lighting chandeliers can complement an array of styles such as traditional homes, farmhouse styles, and timeless old-world decor. Bottom line, a country style lighting chandelier provides something for just about every style preference.


The Federalist has a Country Style Chandelier for Every Style

We love the country style chandelier because it works for just about any home decor. The large Metal Eight Light, Two Tier Chandelier has a modern farmhouse feel, while if you prefer a traditional, yet formal aesthetic, you can opt for a Metal Chippendale Style Twenty Light Tiered Chandelier. Our country style chandeliers feature candle style bulbs which will add a beautiful glow to any room you choose. 


Country Style Chandeliers by Design and Finish

The Federalist has a variety of country style chandeliers with a range of designs and finishes. Many of our country style chandeliers come in custom sizes and in period paint colors, pewter paint, nickel paint, and longerne finishes. Looking for a splash of color? Check out our Distressed Blue/Silver Metal and Wood Chandelier, which can also be customized to fit your decor. If you want something to fit your rustic decor, try a distressed black finish with wood accents. It’s the perfect way to cozy up any space!


How to Select the Best Country Style Chandelier for your Decor

Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules for chandelier design. A country style chandelier is best suited for rustic spaces, however, you have some flexibility with the design of the chandelier as you pick out your finish. If your room is highly ornate, you may want a simpler chandelier to avoid overdecorating. However, if you want your chandelier to be the focal point, you can choose something a bit more grand and ornate. We recommend identifying the basic decor style of your room and finding a country style chandelier that complements your tastes.


Other Considerations

If your heart loves a country style lighting chandelier, you may also enjoy the look of similar light fixtures when layered in the same room. To illuminate your space, consider wall sconces to invoke a warm and relaxing mood. Hang your chandelier style lighting fixture about a high country dining table and add a beveled mirror for some tasteful dining decor.