Antique Wall Sconces

Antique Wall Sconces



For an intimate, cozy feel with a dash of rustic aesthetic, our antique wall sconce collection at The Federalist features endless options for bringing the perfect lighting into every corner of your space. With heritage, 18th-century inspired designs, our vintage wall sconces feature handcrafted workmanship, various sizes, finishes and intricate design details. Antique and vintage sconces are picture perfect for your hallways as it is for a dining room, bedroom, and foyers.  




At The Federalist, we carry a stunning collection of antique brass wall sconces that will bring warmth and elegance to any space. Artisan crafted antique brass wall sconces are made with the highest-quality materials, so you can cast a beautiful glow over any room - including those that are otherwise difficult to illuminate.  

If you are looking to add a bit of drama and class to your space, check out our collection of antique wall candle sconces that feature incredible composition and detail. Many of our antique candle sconces feature a two candle sconce style, three candle sconce style, or single candle sconce style with an electrified option. All of our brass and candle wall sconces include inspired designs and details such as scrolls, stars, shells, leaves, mirrors, urns, mermaids, bows, animal heads, shades, and more.




With The Federalist vintage wall sconces, your walls can also play a part in bringing an inviting glow everywhere in your space. Featuring fabric and glass shades, multi-light designs, bows, tassels, and more, our antique wall sconces are all made by hand with classically trained artisans and the highest quality materials so that every neoclassical wall sconce is the epitome of federal era design. In addition to historical significance, our vintage wall sconces are personally inspected. Whether your favorite style be Chippendale, Chinoiserie, or Georgian, our antique reproduction wall sconces will bring old world charm to any wall they grace. Shop our beautiful collection of wall sconces today!