Antique Outdoor Lighting

Antique Outdoor Lighting



With rustic details, sturdy compositions, and federal design style, our collection of antique outdoor lighting brings the influence of 18th century architecture and design out into your exterior area. Our historic reproduction outdoor lighting and vintage outdoor lighting infuses all of the elements of great design that The Federalist prides itself on with the timeless beauty of ship, station, chinoiserie, dome and hanging lanterns. Not only can our antique reproduction outdoor lighting create a seamless transition from the inside of your space into the outdoors, it can also highlight areas of your home and property that may otherwise be overlooked with an inspired and historically accurate recreation. With our antique outdoor lighting and vintage outdoor lighting, every night becomes a beautiful night to gather outdoors. 




Not just for your interior walls anymore, The Federalist’s collection of antique outdoor wall lights brings the lovely styles of 18th century design into the outdoors. Whether adorning a gate, driveway, or door, our antique outdoor wall lights bring classic design elements into the fold with rustic design details, sturdy compositions, and cleverly integrated federal design styles. Our antique outdoor wall lights also seamlessly transition your interior style into your outdoor spaces. With the option for the lighting to come in many different styles and shapes from the time period, our antique outdoor wall lights are destined to be a favorite. With The Federalist lighting, every space is one that looks best when shared.




With heritage-inspired details and elegant beauty, our collection of antique outdoor hanging lanterns is the practical and elegant way to bring historically-inspired style to the great outdoors. With The Federalist collection, the styles and options available provide endless possibilities to flawlessly incorporate antique outdoor hanging lanterns into any property. Featuring criss cross, punch top, double-tiered, and chinoiserie styled metal patterns, our design details provide just the right amount of character, elegance, and industrial strength durability - bringing the best of tradition and usability to each of our handcrafted antique outdoor hanging lanterns pieces.




Lighting your walkway or driveway with antique lamp posts and vintage porch lights is the perfect way to add curb appeal to your home and add a welcoming entrance. The Federalist’s vintage lamp posts lights come in an array of styles and designs, so you can find something to complement the exterior of your home. The Federalist’s outdoor porch lights and vintage lamp post collection features an endless array of style and detail options for choosing a historical lighting experience. Featuring hand-cast metal frames, glass pane options, additional lantern bases, and more, you can bring the interior design of a space to the exterior seamlessly. With shape options including octagonal, square, ship, caged, onion, bell top, mushroom, cone, criss-cross, tapered, square, and more, our artisanal designed lamp posts are handcrafted and inspired by period originals for a fit that is truly one of a kind.