Antique Flush Mount Lights

Antique Flush Mount Lights



Bringing historically inspired lighting into your home has never been easier, or more practical, than with our handcrafted vintage flush mount lights and antique flush mount lights. Versatile for every room in the house, The Federalist’s ceiling mount light collection is one stunning way to bring 18th-century architecture and design into your space. With all the charm and detailing of neoclassical early American styles, our vintage flush mount ceiling lights are handmade by skilled craftsmen with the finest quality materials. Featuring options ranging from frosted glass and brass accents to Queen Anne styles and pattern details, our flush mount ceiling lights are all about styling with both durability and sophistication. For a piece of the best in federal style, our authentic reproductions are the ideal addition to your space.




The Federalist carries a wide variety of crystal flush mount lights that will bring stunning drama and eye-catching detail to any room. Crystal flush mount lights have the ability to disperse light all over the room with beautiful cast shadow details. We carry crystal ceiling flush mount lights available in one light, two lights, three lights and even eight lights. 


The elegance of flush mount lights should certainly not be contained to inside of the home. With The Federalist’s flush mount porch lights and flush mount lanterns, our customers can illuminate their outdoor living spaces with pieces that have a distinctive 18th-century style. Each of our flush mount porch lights are handmade with attention to historical reference, classical craftsmanship, and detail - our antique ceiling lanterns include styles that feature the finer points of criss-cross, station, ship, cage, and open bottom designs. Our handcrafted antique flush mount lanterns are created to illuminate and complement a heritage-inspired design aesthetic with quality and elegance.