Antique & Vintage Chandeliers

Antique & Vintage Chandeliers



The Federalist provides a wide range of designs and sizes of Federalist era antique reproduction chandeliers that are handcrafted by classically trained artisans. Featuring styles that include cast brass in Chippendale, Regency, Federal, Pagoda, Chinoiserie and Adams designs, our antique reproduction chandeliers aim to finish any design aesthetic with a touch of 18th and 19th-century sophistication and glamour. These federal style chandeliers come with motifs and designs that include leaves, crosses, florals, and more. With 18th-century reproduction chandeliers, The Federalist aims to provide not only a stunning reproduction chandelier inspired by historic designs, but bring light and life into every space, one federal style chandelier at a time.




Add glamour to an entryway or embellish a dining room with The Federalist’s antique crystal chandeliers inspired by the stunning decor of the 18th and 19th century. Handcrafted with quality materials by classically trained artisans, our antique reproduction crystal chandeliers offer historically accurate designs while providing the best of modern electrical composition. Incorporating hundreds of multi-faceted crystals, our crystal chandeliers make an astounding focal point, reflecting and magnifying the light throughout the room for a unique and stunning finish. We carry a wide range of crystal styles including antique brass chandeliers, brass crystal chandeliers, and other materials such as bronze, wood, and glass materials. With 18th-century brass crystal chandeliers, The Federalist aims to provide not only a stunning reproduction crystal chandelier piece inspired by original, historic designs but to bring light and life into every space, one chandelier at a time.




A staple of traditional and modern elegance, candle chandeliers have the ability to capture the attention of a room effortlessly while providing a warm, natural glow. With the candle chandelier collection from The Federalist, all of the attention will be well deserved with our heritage-inspired designs handcrafted from classic techniques. Our candle chandeliers feature materials such as brass, cast brass, metal, and crystal with stunning styles such as three tier, rhomboid designs, and more. You can find our chandeliers with a number of different candles ranging from 3 all the way up to 24. 




Transforming the look of a traditional chandelier, The Federalist’s country style chandeliers and farmhouse style chandeliers combine the best of rustic, warm design elements with traditional 18th century details for a collection that is both cozy and inviting. With fine construction elements, hand made by classically-trained craftsmen, our country style chandelier collection includes pieces crafted of tin metal, pewter, brass, and wood, with familiar style elements such as tiered arms and distressed and aged finishes. As comfortable over a dining room table as it is illuminating a back porch patio, The Federalist’s range of farmhouse style chandeliers are the perfect addition to any historically-inspired space.