Types of Ceiling Lights and How to Use Them

Types of Ceiling Lights and How to Use Them

The ceiling lights represent the best solution for creating beautiful ambiance lighting. However, if you are not paying attention to how you layer the lights in a room, you may have dim lighting within the room. For a wide selection of beautiful antique reproduction hanging lanterns and other types of historically inspired ceiling mounts, visit the Federalist Online. You can browse through hundreds of gorgeous models of ceiling mounts and hanging lanterns that will help you recreate the perfect ambiance in your home.

Two different types of ceiling lights are available-flush mount ceiling lights and semi-flush ceiling lights. The flush mount ceiling lights are the types of fixtures that can be installed with very little or no space available between the main body of the fixture and the ceiling. Then, the semi-flush ceiling lights are installed with a small space between the main body of the light and the ceiling. Typically, these lights are suspended with the help of a short chain or a type of rod. Therefore, these types of ceiling lights will create a chandelier effect or look like a lantern. Both types of ceiling lights are installed close to the ceiling with the primary role of creating the perfect ambient lighting.

Typically, you would opt for a flush mount ceiling light in a room with an eight-foot ceiling. The semi-flush ceiling mounts do not look good in rooms with low ceilings, so they represent the perfect option for eight- or ten-foot-high rooms. If you choose to install a flush mount fixture on a ten-foot-high ceiling, you will have a dimming light effect simply because the light is too far from the floor. With semi-flush lighting fixtures, you are bringing the light closer to the floor a little; this type of lighting will also reflect light onto the ceiling, brightening up the room even more.

For those rooms with ceilings higher than ten feet, you should choose hanging types of fixtures like the antique reproduction hanging lanterns. The main fixture lowers the light, filling the room with more beautiful light.

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