Styling your Room With a Federalist Mirror


A mirror can serve a bigger purpose than form and function -- it can instantly brighten a room, make it feel bigger, and be a used as a decorative focal point.

With these types of benefits and styling options, it’s easy to see why decorating with mirrors has been a popular interior design choice for decades. If you are looking for an elegant and timeless way to add visual interest to your home, you may want to consider adding a federal style mirror into the mix.

You don’t have to live in a federal-style home to incorporate décor pieces from this era into your living space. With its classical appearance, a federal mirror is a great way to add sophistication and classic style to any room. And, fortunately, there are no shortage of designs and styles that can beautifully be incorporated into many design motifs from Federal inspired to more contemporary. Follow our tips for styling any room in your home with federalist mirror.

What is a Federalist Mirror?

Round Federalist Mirror over Fire Place


Federalist mirrors depict the 30-year period that extended from 1776 to 1806 after the formation of the United States. In many cases federalist décor items and antique federal convex mirrors reflect the neoclassical style, with influences from Greece and Rome.

During the Federalist period, mirrors were only made available in the home of the American elite and wealthy. Also called “Girandole” mirrors and “bull’s eye” mirrors, many federal style mirrors were constructed of hardwoods and overlaid by gold-leaf or bronze guilt.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Federal-Style Mirror

When choosing a Federal-style mirror for your space, it’s important to consider your home’s unique style to figure out the type of antique federal mirror you are looking for.

Chippendale Chinoisere Mirror

While some federal mirrors are ornate in nature, and may include an eagle or dual candlesticks, like our Chippendale Chinoisere Style Beveled Mirror, while others are quite simplistic, like the Girandole Convex, and may feature only a few geometric shapes or no decoration at all.

Round Girandole Convex Mirror

You’ll want to figure out what suits your living area best. Are you looking to make a statement? Prefer something simple and classic? Your unique tastes and styles will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right federal style mirror.

Styling an Antique Federal Mirror: Choose a Room

One of the most important aspects of styling with a federalist mirror is to consider which room.

Since federal style mirrors can be ornate and decorative or simple, there are different options depending on the chosen space. We love adding mirrors as any accent to a bedroom wall, dining room, or den. These types of mirrors look best when grounded with another piece of furniture, whether it’s a console in a hallway, bar cart in a den, above a bathroom vanity, or hanging above the fireplace.

Round Girandole Mirror with Greek Design

Our Girandole Convex Mirror with a Criss Cross Reeded Edge looks great over a console table or fireplace.

If you are looking for something with more understated style, check out the Girandole Convex Mirror with interior Beaded Frame, which is perfect for a bedroom or entryway.

The Greek Key Design Beveled Mirror features an interesting geometric design and unique gold leaf trim on its frame. It’s a showstopper and perfect for over a bathroom vanity or as a focal point in a dark study.

Greek Key Design Beveled Mirror

Make a Room Appear Bigger with a Federalist Style Mirror

One way to introduce more light into your home, making any room appear bigger, is to place the mirror towards a window. Light will reflect off the mirror and trickle into your living space, making it ideal for rooms with small windows or spaces that tend to lack a lot of light.

Large in size, our Flat Mirrors are perfect for making any space appear bigger. Pairing a big Three Section Beveled Mirror across from a window will reflect the sunlight nicely.

You can opt for the Three Section Beveled Mirror with Carved Basket or Three Section Mirror with Center Convex.

Three Section Beveled Mirror with Carved Basket Cartouche

Available in gold, silver, or with wood accents, you can find a three-section beveled mirror that matches your unique décor.

Create a Gallery Wall with a Cluster of Federal Mirrors

Another popular design trick is to create a gallery wall with Federal style mirrors, or incorporate a Federalist mirror with other art into a gallery wall. This works especially well when smaller Federalist mirrors are grouped together.

We love combining Federal mirrors with prints of different sizes around it to make it one cohesive wall art. Try pairing a Beveled Queen Anne Style Mirror with various Convex Mirrors around it. Or, opt for three Square Girandole Convex Mirrors to cover a large wall in your foyer or living room. You could even use a statement Regency Girandole Convex Mirror with ornate eagles and flags as a focal point with small prints and artwork scattered around it.

Creating a gallery wall with federal mirrors works great above a dresser, in a hallway, as an accent wall, or above a credenza.

Find a Statement Making Federal Mirror at The Federalist Online

Federal mirrors are show-stopping statement pieces that are designed to turn heads. Whether you need to spruce up a room, add warmth and visual interest to a space, or add function to an area in your home, our antique mirrors can do just the trick.

At The Federalist, we offer state-of-the-art federal mirrors that evoke the best of the era. Made with the highest quality materials by trained artisans and craftsmen, each of our federalist mirrors are designed to be an antique treasure that lasts for years to come. From ornate federal mirrors with tassels and eagle ornamentation to classic oval mirrors with simplistic geometric shapes, you’re sure to find the antique federal mirror that suits your space.

We invite you to explore our federal style mirrors online to find the federal style mirror that meets your needs.

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