Rustic Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Rustic farmhouse design is a celebration of natural décor items. When you design your home in the rustic farmhouse style, you are looking for unfinished wooden items, always natural fibers throughout the home, and of course fixtures that come with rusted or unfinished style finishes. When it comes to lighting, you could check out the antique reproduction chandeliers because they will look fantastic in your freshly created décor. Your farmhouse décor will also include many repurposed items, so designing your home this way is not the most expensive.

Vintage farmhouse lighting fixtures include the hanging pendant lights, antique style black painted hanging chandeliers, chandeliers with clear glass, antique reproduction chandeliers in all styles and forms (in brass or copper finishes), crystal style chandeliers, ceiling lights, semi flush mount ceiling lights and others. When you think about the rustic farmhouse design, you definitely think about simple living- including small organic gardens, wood-burning stoves, a few beautiful and colorful rugs, wooden floors, old-style windows and all sorts of vintage items scattered throughout the home.

When designing your home, you do not necessarily have to hire an expert. If you cannot afford it, you just need to make a plan. Visualize everything and try to recreate the whole space in your mind, with a few carefully selected items. Choose a few pieces of furniture, rugs and carpets, interesting old-style décor items and don’t forget about a few light-diffusing farmhouse style mirrors.

You can play around with shapes and textures, until you will get the result that you want. It is important to consider the lighting fixtures the centerpiece object of your home. The chandelier will beautifully decorate your ceiling, and with a few matching curtains you already have the basic canvas for further additions of the items in your home.

Ensure to purchase only good quality chandeliers that are made of the best materials. You need sturdy lighting fixtures that will resist through time. You can change frequently the other décor items in your home, but your chandeliers will stay there for many years to come. Your chandelier will brighten up your room but it also acts as an amazing décor in your home.

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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