Our Different Styles of Formal Armchairs

Our Different Styles of Formal Armchairs

At The Federalist, we’re experts in antique and federal-style designs.  The great thing about this style is that there is a lot of variety.  Not only are there different pieces of furniture and accessories to choose from, but there are also different styles of them as well.  Let’s look at our formal armchairs, for instance.  When you’re selecting the right armchair for your home, here are some of the styles that you can choose from.



This style is named after London designer and cabinet maker George Hepplewhite, whose furniture became popular between 1780 and 1810.  Hepplewhite is a neoclassical style and falls within the Federal period in the United States.  This type of style is characterized by contrasting veneers and inlays depicting seashells or bellflowers; its pieces are also known for using different types of wood.



Sheraton-influenced furniture dates from about 1790 through 1820 and was named after the famous furniture designer Thomas Sheraton.  This is also a neoclassical style that falls within the Federalist period, which is why Sheraton’s work often overlaps with that of Hepplewhite.  Some of the common woods that he worked with include tulipwood, birch, ash, and rosewood.



Named after Thomas Chippendale’s work in the 1700’s, this style is an American design that falls within the Colonial period.  Its biggest characteristic is its style of legs and feet, which are usually made with dark colored wood.  Chippendale furniture has influences from both Chinese design and Queen Ann’s style.



Regency furniture dates from 1811 to 1830 when the Prince of Whales, Prince George, was Regent.  Since foreign influence was high in fashion currently in the design of antique furniture, it has neoclassical and empire styles from Egypt, Greece, and Rome.


Our historically inspired handcrafted formal chairs are a great addition to any home.  Aside from the styles mentioned in this article, we also have Queen Anne, French Louis XV, Adam, Duncan Phyfe, and William and Mary styles.  Whether you need a chair for your dining room table or to sit in front of your luxury antique mirror, The Federalist has all the best styles.

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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