Main Types of Lighting

Main Types of Lighting

Lighting is a significant factor when it comes to home décor. Lighting has both an aesthetic and a functional purpose, so you should always choose well. You can look at the beautiful historically-inspired luxury lights available through The Federalist Online. You will undoubtedly find something that suits your new or available décor. So, what are the main types of lighting available that you should know about?

First, there is ambient lighting- which is the most potent and bright type of lighting that you create in your home. This is also known as general illumination, and the central role of ambient lighting is to create a uniform level of brightness within a space. You can achieve this by opting for ceiling-mounted fixtures, LED downlights, historically-inspired luxury lights, track lights, floor lamps, or wall-mounted fixtures. Then, there is task lighting, the type of lighting you use for specific tasks such as reading, drawing, writing, cooking, working on your computer, etc. Different jobs require different levels of illumination. For task lighting, you can opt for portable and desk lamps, under cabinet lights, slim line bars, directional lighting sources, or pendant lighting.

Next, we have accent lighting, which is the type of lighting you use to achieve a desired effect with the respective light. For example, if you would like to highlight a particular feature in the room, such as a beautiful painting or an important collection. Accent lighting shines a pleasant light upon the focal point, thus making the individual item the centerpiece of the room. You can achieve accent lighting by using wall-mounted fixtures, downlights, directional recessed fixtures, track lights, and other smaller, more focused lighting fixtures.

There is also decorative lighting available, which is the type of lighting that helps you create a powerful statement through lights. All kinds of lighting fixtures can help you achieve decorative lighting. You can opt for a friendly and exciting color-shaded floor lamp or a chandelier. Use wall sconces, pendant lights, table lamps, or ceiling fans with light kits to achieve the desired effect.

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