Living Room Lighting Inspirations and Ideas

Living Room Lighting Inspirations and Ideas

Your living room is one of the virtual spaces in your home. It is where family and friends spend time together, so the type of lighting you choose can make a real difference. Sometimes you need task lighting on; other times, you need ambient lighting for table games; at times, you just need an accent light while watching an excellent movie. Whether you like antique reproduction lights or more modern light fixtures, here you have a few ideas and inspirations on the types of lighting for your living room space:

  • Choose an oversized and overhanging floor lap- this will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of attention in your living room and the light source that offers that cozy and warm light ambiance. Such a lamp does not have to be placed on a shelf, you can move it as desired, and it will offer significant lighting for your room.
  • Antique reproduction lights create a cozy and fantastic atmosphere in your living room. Antique style lights blend nicely with the most significant majority of home decor styles; you need to select the one you like the most.
  • Simple & splendid wall sconces- the sconces represent the ideal way of lighting up a room without removing any floor or shelf space. Sconces are also the best if you are typically annoyed by all sorts of visible wires (sconces are fitted with concealed cords within the wall).
  • Statement lights- if the décor in your home is minimalist, you can accentuate everything beautifully with a statement light, even more intricate. It will instantly elevate the atmosphere recreating a cozy and elegant look for your space.
  • Using strategically placed pendants- you should refrain from using the pendant lights only above kitchen islands or for dining. You can use them freely in the living room as accent lighting or overhead lights. For example, you can use three lovely pendant lights above your sofa or one pendant in your cozy reading corner.

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