Interior Design Lighting Tips

Interior Design Lighting Tips

When it comes to interior ambiance and atmosphere, lighting is the key aspect you should consider. Regardless of whether you like to use antique reproduction lights or more modern lighting sources, follow these tips to recreate the perfect atmosphere:

  • Layering lights- Use different light sources across levels to achieve a layered effect. You can create the perfect ambiance if you layer your light sources in any room. Using pendants that hang low, you will reach the illusion of higher space, while up lighting you will make the area feel much larger. Cluster lighting will also make a large room feel extremely cozy and relaxed.
  • Keep in mind the tasks when choosing to light- for example, your kitchen will require more concentrated lighting sources because here you will mostly cook and prepare food, so you need good visibility. Then, you should choose directional lighting for reading, while in your powder room, you should aim for downlights and sidelights. You can also use dimmers in any room because these will quickly allow you to recreate the ambiance you want. Hang beautiful antique reproduction lights in the areas where you want the lighting source to become a true centerpiece of beauty.
  • When selecting the light bulbs, there are also many things you should consider, such as: how bright you need the light in a particular room, what is the exact atmosphere you are trying to achieve, energy efficiency for rooms where the lights are used more intensely, the design you want to achieve, etc.
  • Interior designers agree that spotlights can genuinely add character to any room. For example, you can use spotlights to highlight favorite spots or items in your home (highlighting a beautiful piece of furniture, a favorite painting, a cozy corner, etc.). Then, you can use a beautiful statement mirror that you will "frame" on each side with wall-mounted lights to obtain that elegant and sophisticated feel in a room. Spotlights should also be used above a dining table, making all guests feel incredibly welcome.

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