Identifying Antique Furniture

Identifying Antique Furniture

Do you love luxury antique beds? Such a piece of furniture will instantly brighten up any bedroom, and giving it an air of luxury and wellbeing. The Federalist Online offers a wide range of such antique reproduction beds made in a variety of shapes and finishes that you can choose from. These reproduction beds are affordable, they are beautifully crafted, respecting every detail of the original beds and other pieces of furniture.

Identifying antique furniture is not that easy. You need to have some historical knowledge in order to be able to tell if what you are looking at is indeed an antique chair or closet. It is important to keep in mind that pieces of furniture that are machine made are typically made starting with the late 19th century – namely, after the 1860s. Everything done before this era is actually handmade or hand carved. In case your piece of furniture is indeed handmade, it should show plenty of irregularities, especially at the bottom parts or at the back of the furniture. Machine made pieces of furniture do not usually have such irregularities; they are visually perfect because the machines allow people to make such perfect lines and cuts in wood.

In order to determine the age of a piece of furniture, you can also have a closer look at the material or type of wood it is made of. For example, before the 1700s, almost all furniture was made of oak. Then, later on starting with the 18th century, the majority of furniture was carved from walnut and mahogany. If we jump one century later, we can already find pieces of furniture made from cherry and maple. It is impossible to tell the exact age of a piece of furniture based on the type of wood it is made of, but knowing approximately what type of wood was in trend at different eras is quite helpful.

Determining the age of a piece of furniture is also given by the different styles of the time-Rococo revival, William and Mary style, Chippendale style and so on. Highly popular styles are beautifully recreated even today, so have a look at the luxury antique beds online for more inspiration.

Jennie Martin, CEO

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