How to Decorate with Antique Reproduction Sconces

How to Decorate with Antique Reproduction Sconces

Wall sconces represent a décor and practical item for many centuries. They have been around for centuries since people used gas to light them. The wall sconces were the first type of light fixtures available for home use. You can find a wide selection of beautiful and unique antique reproduction sconces offered by The Federalist. Just browse the available items and select the ones you like the most to decorate your home.

So, how to use wall sconces to decorate around the home? As a first tip, you could use antique reproduction sconces as beautiful wall art. For example, you could use two identical sconces on each side of a painting that you have on the wall. You can use sconces made of black metal, brass, or gold metal sconces to highlight beautiful wall art. The sconces will display a unique golden glow around the piece you want to highlight on the wall. Your artwork will become the centerpiece of attention when lit so beautifully with the help of sconces. You can create a statement piece with the help of sconces in the hallways, your bedroom, or the living room.

To visualize the final setup, you should arrange the frame with the sconces on the floor. This way, you will get an idea of how the entire setup will look on the wall. Also, you should not place the sconces too close to the frame, but rather at a little distance so that everything is framed nicely and will not look overcrowded.

Another idea is to use sconces for bedside lighting. With the help of sconces on each side of the bed, you will maximize space in your bedroom. This way, you will also eliminate the need for table lamps which take up space on your tabletop. You can select from a wide range of wall sconces to decorate your bedsides. Then, adding two sconces on each side of a mirror, you will again create a fantastic effect. You can add one on each side or one single sconce above the mirror for that unique lighting effect.

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