How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

Many people spend a lot of time looking for the perfect mattress, as it can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep that they’re getting.  Having said that, after choosing their mattress, many people realize that they forgot that they also need to choose the right bed frame.  This is an important element to your bed, as it is the thing that lifts your mattress off the floor, gives you support, and adds style to your room.  If you’re unsure how to choose the right bed frame, consider the following factors.


The Size of Your Bed and Room

The first step is selecting the right bed frame for your mattress, and bedroom.  It’s important to consider the size of your bedroom because you don’t want the room to look cramped.  Once you choose what size will best fit your room, you can start with the fun part - choosing the style.


The Style

A great bed frame will act as a decoration in your room, so you should make sure to pick the style that fits the rest of your home.  If you’re looking for a federalist-style bed frame, then you can choose from many different styles, including Chippendale, Hepplewhite, French, and Sheraton.  If you’re not sure what the difference is between these styles, you can ask for more details at The Federalist.


Look at the Details

Once you choose which type of 18th and 19th century style you like, now you can start looking through the different options that we have.  The beautiful thing about antique furniture is that it contains a lot of small details that make it special.  Some of the details that you may notice include bells and balls, acorns, balloons, pencils, flutes, trumpets, and carved leaf posts.


Check the Quality

It’s not every year that you buy bed frames, so make sure to check the quality of the frame so that you can use it for many years.  At The Federalist, we have expert craftsmen and high-quality materials, meaning all of our pieces are built with long-term in mind.  If you’re interested in our historically-inspired beds or bed frames, contact us today.

 Jennie Martin, CEO


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