Give your Study a Federalist Era Touch

Give your Study a Federalist Era Touch

A study room is the perfect room in your home to add a touch of the Federalist era. Studies are generally an understated and more reflective area of the house, but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice style for functionality. For a sophisticated and classic appearance, try incorporating some Federal era designs that bring visual interest and detail without overpowering the introspective and calm atmosphere of your study.

Federal style furniture is America’s first homegrown style, born out of Revolutionary pride. This style still resonates in present time and can lend elegance to any interior, whether it’s another neoclassical style or a midcentury modern ranch.

You’ll find that it’s easy to incorporate Federal-style pieces into your study or office because of its classic look and feel. If you are wondering how to style a home office, check out our top tips for giving your study a Federalist era touch!

How to Style a Home Office: Finding the Right Federalist Style Desk

Federalist style desks and secretaries come in many different styles. Some have decorative tops or roll tops, decorative touches like gold embossing and leather detailing, as well as attached bookcases and ornamental inlays. Finding the right Federalist desk depends on your needs and unique tastes.

To choose the right Federalist-style desk for your needs, it’s important to identify antique desk styles. Some antique desks include lower drawers, an upper bookcase for storage, and a drop-down writing surface, while others are constructed in one piece for a large working area.

How to Identify Antique Desk Styles

To identify antique desk styles, it’s important to reflect your desk’s function. Do you need storage for papers and books? Do you like to contain clutter? Need a large working space?

For example, a writing table can give you a large, clean workspace, making it ideal if you plan to spend a lot of time writing or working at your desk. On the other hand, a desk and bookcase or slant front desk, like the Slant Front Desk in the New Hampshire Dunlap Style, are ideal for those who want the extra storage.

A secretary desk is the perfect statement piece that can contain your clutter when not in use. A Federal design era desk and secretary can make a beautiful statement and addition to any study.


What is a Secretary Desk? Is it Right for My Study?

You may be wondering what a secretary desk is and if it is right for your study. A secretary desk or escritoire is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop service. This piece of furniture may have faded from favor in the past with its fold-down writing surface, but it has been making a comeback with more sleek laptops in today’s home offices.

A secretary can easily house your tech and paper needs. With popular Federalist accents including carvings, inlays, and pretty drawers, it’s the perfect way to add a statement piece with a Federalist touch to your study.


Accessorize with Federalist Style Décor

There are plenty of ways to dress up your study with Federalist style accessories and décor.

Some of our favorite ways to incorporate Federalist style décor are through lighting and mirrors. Prop a Federal style table lamp onto the end of your desk, like a White Marble Greek Column Design Table Lamp, or place a Chippendale Style Floor Lamp next to a reading chair.

Try adding in a pair of mirrors on either side of a doorway, like a Girandole Convex Mirror with Eagle and Candle Holders or place a Convex Mirror above a console table. These small touches will really complement your home’s Federal style furniture.


Add Federalist Style Touches to your Study with The Federalist

Looking to add Federal era designs to your study? Adding a statement piece like a secretary desk or slant desk, along with Federalist décor pieces such as mirrors and lamps is the perfect way to give your study a classic and traditional look and feel. The Federalist proudly has the largest selection of 18th century handcrafted reproductions and Federal-inspired designs online. Start browsing our large selection of secretary and antique desks, and take a look at our beautiful light fixtures, mirrors and décor pieces to add a Federalist era touch to your study.

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