Furniture World The Difference Between Vintage and Antique

Furniture World The Difference Between Vintage and Antique

If you are one of those homeowners who simply love to decorate the home with antique and vintage items, you can be easily confused by these two terms in general. There is a clear difference by what can be called vintage and what can be called antique. For example, an item that is considered an “antique” should be at least 100 years old, meaning that a mirror made in 1920 for example is considered an antique mirror. Regardless of the type of furniture or the material they are made of, if it was made at least a century ago, you are looking at an antique piece of furniture. In case you would like to have in your home a gorgeous bed, you should have a look at the amazingly crafted antique reproduction beds offered by The Federalist Online.

Typically, furniture will survive throughout time much easier and better than a book or glassware, for example. This is why it is much easier to find antique furniture than other household items that are considered more “fragile”. 

On the other hand, when we discuss “vintage” items, they are not as old an antique. Vintage literally means “aged” or “of age”. This fact also gives way to many interpretations as to what can be considered a vintage piece of clothing or a vintage piece of kitchen glassware. According to experts in the field, an item can already be considered vintage if it is at least 40 or 50 years old. For example, a dress made in the 1970s falls under the category of vintage clothing. Vintage pieces of furniture and clothing are also considered items of “nostalgia” and people do not necessarily search for them only because of their age. Many like to collect these items in order to display them or use them in their everyday life (such as decorating the home with vintage lighting, vintage kitchenware and so on). Given the fact these vintage items are highly usable today, they also represent highly practical items that give a different vibe to your home.

Check out the antique reproduction beds available online so that you can have a little piece of beautiful history in your home.

Jennie Martin, CEO

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