Federalist Inspired Home Design

Federalist Inspired Home Design

If you are thinking about a makeover for your home, you have a big job ahead of you. First, you should decide on the style that you want. For example, the Federalist style is quite in trend, and after you make some plans, you may want to hire an expert to execute the designs that you have in mind. The federal interiors are characterized by muted wall colors, especially white with softly carved decorations. The federalist style is quite an understated one, but everything is lifted with some truly bold details such as the fighting eagle’s patriotic symbols, antique reproduction hanging lanterns, chairs that have details resembling shields and so on.

By opting for the federalist style home interior, you are opting for classic elegance. You can introduce many reeded column details, arches and oval pieces of furniture that are highly characteristic of the era. Adding a few beautiful antique reproduction hanging lanterns will also add to that imposing federalist look you are trying to recreate in your home. Federalist homes of the time included many beautiful historic busts and portraits that were hanging on the walls of the hallways or rooms. These were generally portraits of heroes of the time.

Regarding furniture, the Charleston chairs with their intricately carved backs were quite popular. Also, the Boston chairs or the Baltimore ones with painted details on the back were extremely popular. Then, oval as shape was extremely important during that time. They used to opt for elliptical shape furniture details, and even the fanlights or molding details had oval as a characteristic shape. Yet another highly important shape of the time was the urn or the vase shaped items. The decorated urns and vases were omnipresent throughout the home-they decorated furniture tops, or were placed as simple ornaments by the fireplace, on the tables and so on. Choosing the right wallpaper is also important, such as brown wallpaper with green or white motifs, or white base wallpaper with golden or brown swags and urns designs. Don’t forget about adding a few round mirrors to the walls in the dining room, for example.

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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