Different Places to Put Antique Lanterns in Your Home

Different Places to Put Antique Lanterns in Your Home

When you’re decorating your home, you probably turn to the internet to help you look for ideas.  If that’s how you found our website, I’m sure you’ve scrolled through all of our furniture and accessories for inspiration.  One of the things that may have caught your eye are our amazing antique lanterns.  The great thing about antique reproduction lighting is that there are many designs to choose from, and there are also different places that you can put them around your home.  Keep reading to get some ideas for your home.


Living Room

This is probably the first place that many of the readers thought about when they considered where to put their lanterns - and for good reason.  The living room is usually the area that guests hang out, you spend time with your family, and it’s also the room that connects the entire home.  Because of this, it’s a great spot to spotlight your new lantern.


Hanging Over a Table

The dining room table is also another special area of the home, as it’s where family members and friends come together to share a meal.  One way to give your table extra lighting, while also making the lantern the star of the dining room, is to hang it over your table.  Some people even choose to hang multiple lanterns in the same area to enhance the look.



Depending on how your house is set up, there are different places that you can place these lanterns.  For instance, if you have a patio in your backyard, it would make a great addition to your set up.  If you don’t have a big patio, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them outside.  Many people place them next to their front door so that it’s the first thing that people notice when they enter their home.


On a Flat Surface

Although lanterns are traditionally known for being hung, some of them (depending on their design) are able to be placed on flat surfaces, such as your living room table, your nightstand, or even on your stairway.


There are many ways that antique reproduction lighting can be used around your home.  For help finding the right lighting fixture for your home, contact us at The Federalist.

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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