Decorating your Home with Mirrors: Expert Tips

Decorating your Home with Mirrors: Expert Tips

Whether you like luxury antique mirrors, simple mirrors, or mirrors with ultra-modern frames, you need to pay attention to how you decorate your home with them. Mirrors are great because they beautifully reflect natural light, are highly practical, and instantly brighten up any space. Before you start just scattering mirrors here and there, keep in mind the following expert design tips on how to arrange mirrors in your area:

It would be best if you used mirrors in smaller spaces in your home-with the help of the mirrors, you would make the room appear larger and more welcoming. Also, the mirrors arranged in smaller spaces will brighten up the darker spots/corners. 

Choose among the beautiful luxury antique mirrors that are smaller to decorate your walls and the cabinets around the home. A beautiful antique style mirror with a gorgeous frame will look amazing near a clear vase with fresh-cut flowers. You will instantly make the place come to life with color and light. 

When you think of mirroring an entire wall in a room, pay attention to the framing. You do not want the room to feel like you are in a gym. Therefore, you should antique the mirror to make everything softer and more welcoming. 

You could also try to overlap two different styles of mirrors. This will create a beautiful and unique effect in any corner of your room. For example, you can hang an interesting mirror on the mirror in your bathroom or add a few mirrored tiles behind your sink for a gorgeous effect. 

There are different spaces in your home that need a mirrored reflection. Your mirror should never face the corner of your old sofa or an area with clutter in your home. Ensure your mirror reflects an attractive space or detail in your home (such as the chandelier, a beautiful reading corner with pillows, etc.)

Mirrors look amazing in the dining room. Make sure to add mirrors and besides them, add beautiful candles. Mirrors magically reflect candlelight, and this is how you will create a truly interesting old-times effect in your modern home. 

Jennie Martin, CEO

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