Create Elegance in your Home with Historically-Inspired Beds

Create Elegance in your Home with Historically-Inspired Beds

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is a statement piece, but finding the right bed is quite often a challenging task. With so many models available, selecting the best bed frame is not easy. Historically-inspired beds represent an extremely popular choice among homeowners. These types of beds are lavish and imposing, yet bringing a touch of elegance and great comfort to your home. When shopping around for a federalist-style bed, you should always look for quality. Buying a beautiful bed is an important investment, and in order to protect your investment you need to look for a top, reliable company that sells the best quality furniture.

Federalist-style furniture typically uses mahogany as the main type of wood. Mahogany lends furniture its distinctive and beautiful tone, with hues of red and brown. Historically-inspired beds in the federalist style also feature other types of wood, including Birchwood or maple. Once you decide on the main color or tone of wood you would like for your bed frame, you can narrow down your search accordingly.

There are also different bed styles available when it comes to federalist –style furniture. A Chippendale bed, for example, is a four poster bed featuring a timeless design. Such a design will suit perfectly a classic home, one with a vintage décor, and elegantly- decorated house or even a farmhouse. The Chippendale headboard got its name after Thomas Chippendale, who was an English cabinetmaker from the 18th century. The headboard of a Chippendale bed has extremely detailed woodworking that reflects sophistication and elegance all throughout.

Then, the Hepplewhite style historically-inspired beds represent a neoclassical style which fits perfectly the Federalist period in the United States. Hepplewhite style beds are lavishly ornate with quite a lot of carving and beautiful, curvilinear shapes. The main characteristic of Hepplewhite furniture is the contrasting veneers and outstanding inlays that depict flowers and seashells. Satinwood, maple and mahogany are the most common types of wood used for the Hepplewhite style bed-frames. The Hepplewhite bed legs were originally designed to resemble the Greek and Roman-style classical columns.

Regardless of the style of bed that you choose, historically inspired furniture will always lend a graceful, delicate and elegant appearance to your entire home. 

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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