Cast an Enchanting Spell this Autumn with Exterior Lanterns


Cast an Enchanting Spell this Autumn with Exterior Lanterns

Fall is here, and we’ve rolled back the clock an hour, which means days are shorter and the weather is turning colder. Fall leaves, rain, and snow, make for a cozy ambiance inside, especially during the holiday season, but how can you bring the coziness outside? Along with adding festive accents that can enhance your home’s curb appeal, consider updating your home’s exterior lighting system. By adding lanterns and unique lighting fixtures to your home’s exterior, you can create a warm aura and cozy atmosphere that will welcome you and your guests all year.

If you are looking for some inspiration and outdoor lighting ideas, the Federalist can help! Here are some of our best landscape lighting ideas you can use to transform your home’s exterior.

Spruce Up your Home’s Entryway with Creative Outdoor Lighting

Autumn is the perfect time to spruce up your home’s entryway and lay out festive accents like planters with mums, pumpkins, wreaths, lanterns, and more! While you’re assessing your home’s entryway needs, take a look at your exterior lighting system. You can transform the look and feel of your home’s entryway with new exterior lanterns by using light to highlight festive accents or illuminate your front entryway.

Our Federal style wall mount lanterns, like our four-sided glass lanterns with an open bottom and three light with hook wall mount cut out, are perfect for framing your doorway. Many of our wall mount light fixtures are available in custom sizes, finishes, and can be used as a gas or electric lantern, so you can tailor the light fixtures to your unique style and taste. These lighting systems are also perfect for revealing your special fall decorations!

Outdoor Lighting Options with Pier Lanterns

Looking for ways to warm up your outdoor living area this fall? Pier mount lanterns provide elegant illumination and can be placed on a stone, concrete or brick columns at the end of the driveway or placed on a wall in your garden. Our antique reproduction outdoor lighting is perfect for warming up your deck or patio.

Many of our pier mount lanterns are inspired from Federal era street lights and are the perfect accent piece for Craftsman homes, Tudor Revival residents, Art & Crafts homes, and cottages.

Landscape Lighting Ideas with Pier Mounted Lanterns

Another option for warming up your landscaping is to line your driveway or walkway with a hanging pier lantern. Pier lights draw roots from lights that are traditionally placed beside bodies of water to mark the edges of water. These antique outdoor lanterns can be used to illuminate a special area in your garden or placed in your backyard or patio. Our pier lanterns can be used as a hanging lantern and placed on a post for easy coordination around the outside of your home, garage, porch or patio. You can illuminate a walking path to not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but keep you and your guests safe with their footing.

Shop Federalist-Inspired Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

If you are looking for ways to warm up your outdoor living space, The Federalist has an array of antique outdoor lighting options. From pier lanterns that can be mounted to the side of your home or set on the end of a garden wall, to lanterns that line your walkway and illuminate your garden, the possibilities to incorporate exterior lanterns into your landscaping are endless.

Each of our pier mount lanterns are available in custom sizes, finishes, and glass options, and can be used as a gas burning lantern for a traditional look and feel. Start shopping our reproduction exterior lighting and pier mount lanterns and add some curb appeal to your outdoor living area.

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