Bring More Light & Beauty to your Home

Bring More Light & Beauty to your Home

Reproduction antique mirrors are handmade pieces, using the most traditional materials and methods. The mirrors feature the best quality materials and craftsmanship to provide customers with an outstanding end result. You can bring more light and beauty into your home by strategically placing a few such mirrors throughout your home. For example, hanging a few such mirrors on the walls of your dining room will immediately create a glamorous and dramatic effect. The mirrors attract and reflect the natural light in a beautiful manner, so you will have more of that natural light coming into your living space.

The reproduction antique mirrors blend in perfectly with classical and vintage interior design. Many prefer to highlight the fireplace in their living area with such mirrors. You can actually frame the fireplace area with such mirrors and create an instant beautiful effect. Antique mirrors will attract all eyes in an instant and they will become the subject of discussion at your table. Invest in such beautiful accessories and make your home more inviting, cozy and with an old-world touch.

There are also antique floor mirrors available. These are tall, stand-alone mirrors that look perfect as a centerpiece accessory in your dressing or bedroom. Floor mirrors with an antique finish will bring an instant old world charm into your space. People use mirrors every single day, several times per day and they represent very important accessories so why not invest in a special antique style standing mirror?

Some other common types and styles of antique mirrors include the antique handheld mirrors. These were made from ancient societies of Egypt or China. In the 1800s, these antique handheld mirrors and brush sets were an immense trend among Victorian women. When you buy an antique reproduction mirror, you will also bring a piece of history into your home. Then, the vanity tray mirrors, also known as perfume trays or mirrored plateaus were also highly regarded during that era. These mirrored trays were used in order to display a woman’s most cherished and finest perfumes.

Regardless of the type of antique mirror that you choose, the Federalist offers some of the most unique and high quality accessories.

Jennifer Martin, CEO

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