Add Beauty and Character to your Room in an Instant

Add Beauty and Character to your Room in an Instant

When it comes to interior design, the sky is the limit. With a few well-chosen centerpieces, you can recreate literally any historical period in your home. For example, with a beautiful antique reproduction lighting piece, you can instantly brighten up your room, and bring an aristocratic air to your space with a relatively small investment. Today, you can find a wide range of such lighting pieces that represent different time periods- antique brass chandeliers Chippendale style, brass chandeliers with stylish chains in Federal style, Adam style chandeliers, metal & brass combination chandeliers, shade design chandeliers and many others. Depending on the size of your room, you can also select the right type of light intensity, by opting for a four-light, six-light or even twelve-light chandelier.

Antique reproduction lighting is also available in different styles. Maybe you like to have more intricate and ornate details, or perhaps you are looking for a lighting piece with a more simplistic design. If your room is very ornate with furniture that has intricate details, then you should choose a simple style fixture. If, on the other hand your room has a clean design with simplistic furniture and details you may opt for a fixture with intricate details that will truly bring out the beauty and character of your room.

Such antique style chandeliers help recreating a truly beautiful atmosphere in your home. By adding such a piece in your rom you will instantly recreate a castle-like atmosphere that is inviting, beautiful and mystical at the same time. Such chandeliers also add a classic air to your space. The chandeliers are suitable not only for your dining area, but they will bring a gorgeous and imposing air to our bedroom or the hallways.

Those who are more adventurous can easily create a “clash” of interior design by adding an antique style chandelier to an ultra-modern home. Some even decide to add such lavish design chandeliers to a kitchen or even to a high ceiling bathroom. Antique reproduction lighting also brings a touch of beauty and elegance to a boho-style teenage bedroom for example.

 Jennie Martin, CEO

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