3 Must Have Federalist Inspired Accessories

3 Must Have Federalist Inspired Accessories

When you’re designing your home, you have so many different styles to choose from.  Some people aim for the modern, sleek look, while others want an antique feel to their home.  If you’re one of the many people who turn to federalist-inspired designs for inspiration, then you’re not alone.  Although there’s a wide range of furniture and accessories that you can choose from, here are the 3 must-have pieces.


Antique Lighting

One of the best ways to brighten your room, while also making a big impact on the overall look of the room, is with lighting.  There are different lamps that you can choose from, ranging from table and floor lamps to exterior post mount lights to beautiful hanging lanterns.  Because of the variety, you can find the perfect lighting to match your room, choosing from lamps with different ropes, cages, scrolls, acorns, crystals, and much more.


Historically-Inspired Luxury Mirrors 

There are many reasons why having a mirror can improve the look of your space, which includes: making a statement, producing the illusion of space, and maximizing the room’s lighting.  For this reason, we have many historically-inspired luxury mirrors available.  You can choose from mirrors with high-polished finishes, pictorial figurines, convex round mirrors or flat mirrors, to pieces with oil paintings and more.


Chests and Cabinets

A good chest or cabinet is not only practical, but a great aesthetic addition to any room.  When you’re choosing the right chest, make sure to find one with an antique look, but that’s still in great condition.  At The Federalist, we use high-quality materials and historically-trained craftsmen in order to create top-quality products.

 If you’re looking for federalist-inspired accessories, don’t forget to add lighting, mirrors, and chest and cabinets to your list.  To find the right design to fit your needs, contact us at The Federalist.

 Jennie Martin, CEO


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